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Gratitude is the attitude - we're VERY grateful for all our support

A true friend is one who willingly comes to your aid when you face problems.

South Hill certainly faces problems with pollution from various sources, and many true friends have helped us in many ways. Our work is ongoing, and our circle of helpful friends continues to grow. Sincere thanks to all for your timely and creative support.

Timothy Weber built the database of testing results and developed the mapping tools to allow us to make sense of the huge stacks of test results. He (along with Brendan Wyly and Ken Deschere) started the Yahoo e-mail group that helped get our neighbors aware and involved in this process.

Regina Deschere has pursued all the neighbors (and nonresident owners) and persuaded almost all of them to share their data so we can all know the many details of the tests and what they have reported. She's helped to explain the testing and reporting process, ferried copies of reports back and forth, coordinated the collection of all numbers, and answered countless phone calls and e-mails.

Janet Snoyer endured the corporate politics and lengthy learning process involved in the installation of the first home mitigation system placed here by Emerson. Their patience and willingness to share their experiences have been very helpful.  Janet's testimony to the NYS Assembly Committee (April 21, 2005) is a painful reminder of what neighbors have endured.

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton has worked with Assembly Members Tom DiNapoli (now NYS Comptroller) and Donna Lupardo to keep attention focused on the issues of vapor intrusion and neighborhoods affected by toxic chemicals seeping into and around their homes. Their January 2006 "Final Report" spells out many useful steps that New York State could (and should) take to address these issues. Susan Pratt, Ms. Lifton's Ithaca Chief of Staff, has helped us organize meetings and has conveyed concerns between many of the parties involved.

Congressman Maurice Hinchey has spoken out frequently and forcefully on the problems of the toxic sites in his district, which includes both Ithaca and Endicott. Rep. Hinchey's Ithaca Chief of Staff, Dan Lamb, has helped us spread the word and to understand the resources and options we have.

County Legislator Pam Mackesey met repeatedly with us early on, helping us get organized and working to keep the City involved. Maria Coles, Jennifer Dotson and Mayor Carolyn Peterson continue to work to keep the City aware and involved in the issues facing South Hill.

Cornell Professors Jim Gillett, Tammo Steenhuis, Larry Cathles, and Larry Brown have all provided great insight, scientific data, and helpful resources to allow us to know and learn much more about the toxins, the area's geology, and ways of investigating the issues. Their students in BEE and EAS courses have contributed hours of research and enthusiastic inquiry.

Carl Cuipylo, Engineering Geologist for the NYS DEC, who has worked seemingly forever on this site. Carl has listened patiently to endless streams of questions and concerns, and has always tried to answer honestly and completely.

Walter Hang, President of Toxics Targeting, Inc., who sounded the alarm in the Spring of 2004 that brought more attention to this issue. The free toxins maps on his company website are a tremendous resource - please check them out!

Krisy Gashler, reporter for The Ithaca Journal, who has helped to keep this issue in the public eye.

Debra Hall of the Hopewell Junction Citizens for Clean Water and Sierra Club Mid-Hudson Group has provided all manner of support and helped keep us aware of the many similar issues in the Hopewell Junction TCE cleanup efforts.

Lenny Siegel, Director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight, has provided news of activities nationwide and links to many helpful documents and sites, as well as traveling across the country to provide testimony on toxins, testing, and the needs for remediation and mitigation.

Former Ithaca City Councilmember Mary Tomlan (now City Historian) and the staff of The History Center in Tompkins County helped us locate historical maps and documents showing the growth and activities of the industries on South Hill.

Jim Harper contributed the logo for our site, and Roger Jagoda arranged the web site hosting.

To those of you kind enough to join us for meetings or meals and ask for recipes, here are a few. Thanks for the kind words and for being with us.

Last, but certainly not least, we wish to thank all our South Hill neighbors, who have attended meetings, pressured officials, shared data, concerns, ideas, opinions and coffee, helping us all work together to crusade for changes to make our homes safer.

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