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Some recipes for those who kindly asked.

There's nothing like food to pick up a meal.  I love to cook, and take lots of liberties in its preparation.  I grew up with good food and still have very fond memories of the big holiday dinners and cook-outs we had.  Our neighbors shared more than a passion for football: their shish kebob, dolma, pilaf and love of life was infectious.  I can't do it as well as they did, but I do have fun trying. 

Some items we eat often:
Aunt Carol's Bran Muffins and their Vegan Cousin, Fruit Nut Bran Muffins
Salsa Fresca (Vegan)
Hummus (Vegan)
Guacamole (Vegan)
Tamari Almonds (Vegan)

Beer-Can Chicken
CU Barbecue Sauce (for grilling chicken halves, when you can't find a fund-raising event to buy some from - Thank you, Bob Baker!)
"Mexican Lasagna"
and its Vegan Stepchild, Vegan Tortilla Torte

Life is short.  Eat dessert first!
Callebaut-Loaded Brownies
$250 Urban Legend Cookies
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Sin
Chambord Torte

A word to the wise: food is essential and satisfying, but moderation in all things is still advised...


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